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1929 Majestic motorcycle

The Majestic was the avant garde creation of a French engineer/inventor by the name of Georges Roy, very much in the currently fashionable Art Deco style. He was better known (in certain circles at least) as a manufacturer of automatic and industrial knitting machines. But - he also happened to be a keen motorcyclist and was not particularly impressed with the contemporary machines available to him.

He found motorcycles of the 20s were too susceptible to chassis flex and fatigue, owing in part to the tubular steel frames and unsatisfactory roads of the day.

His solution was to prove startlingly innovative. A pressed steel 'monocoque' chassis (albeit with inner strengthening from sturdy box section framework and heavy duty bulkheads. The design also featured a manual gear change lever, a hub-centre steering system and sliding pillar front suspension - more commonly found on early Morgan three wheelers.

Buyers could order the machine with an engine choice of French-built, single cylinder Chaise 350 or 500cc, JAP twin or even an American Cleveland Four motors.

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