1930_Henderson KJ Streamline

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1930 Henderson KJ Streamline

Although he's unknown outside of classic motorcycle circles, Orley Ray Courtney - a talented sheet metal craftsman - designed and built two outstanding custom-bodied motorcycles during his lifetime. They would have likely remained unknown save for the fact they were purchased by Syracuse motorcycle collector Frank Westfall, who has been publicizing the two steamlined bikes ever since.

At some point in time Orley purchased a 1930 Henderson Streamline Model KJ 1,300 cc inline-4 cylinder motorcycle, so-named for its sleek aerodynamic  profile made possible by the compact inline drivetrain. Courtney greatly admired the new art moderne style championed by the recently introduced Chrysler Airflow and soon began making sketches of a motorcycle encased in its own Airflow-inspired aerodynamic shell.

The bike was completed in 1935 and featured 10-inch wheels and high profile balloon tires sourced from the aircraft industry to provide it with a velvet smooth ride.

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