1935_Alfa Romeo P3

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1935 Alfa Romeo P3

This car was officially called the Tipo B or monoposto (which means single-seat) and was the first true single seater racing car. All previous racers had been 2-seaters – with provision for a riding mechanic.

The P3, introduced in 1932 was a direct descendant of the successful P2, but chief designer Vittorio Jano strengthened and lightened just about everything and produced a winner straight from the first race.

Experiencing some financial difficulties in 1933, Alfa withdrew from racing, but was eventually persuaded by none other than Enzo Ferrari to entrust his company with the cars, entering them as Scuderia Ferrari Alfa Romeos.

By 1934, the straight-8, supercharged engine was enlarged to 2.9 litres and performed well, despite the towering presence of state supported teams from Mercedes and Auto Union.

The car illustrated is the winner of the 1935 German Grand Prix, hustled to victory in what was Tazio Nuvolari’s greatest ever race, beating the might of Germany despite being hopelessly outclassed. The engine had been further enlarged to 3165 cc, especially for this race.

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