1936_Auto Union type C

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1936 Auto Union type C

Formed in 1932, Auto Union was a joint effort comprising manufacturers Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer. Their main project was the development of a ‘world beating’ racing car with financial assistance from the Nazi Party.

The car, designed by Ferdinand Porsche in 1933, was a ground breaking mid engined concept based around a new V16 engine of 4.3 litres, developing at least 295 bhp at the time. To help tame the tail heavy chassis, a Porsche innovation - limited slip differential, built by ZF, was introduced.

By 1936, the engine had grown to a full 6 litres, delivering 620 bhp – with a highest recorded speed of 258 mph (415 kph).

The car was near unbeatable in 1936, with lead driver Bernd Rosemeyer crowned European Champion. The car illustrated is Rosemeyer’s German Grand Prix winner.

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