1936_Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic no.1 'Rothschild'

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1936 Bugatti type 57SC Atlantic no.1 'Rothschild'

After the unveiling of the Aérolithe Coupé Special at the 1935 Paris Salon, the prototype was taken to the Motor Show at Earl's Court, London.

A few select clients were also allowed to drive the car in London and it is more than likely that this influenced the order for the first production version of the Atlantics - by Lord Rothschild. Featuring the same turned aluminium wheel covers, the enclosed rears under a wheel arch cover and sporting a pale silver-blue paint finish, this car still exists - chassis no. 57374 - delivered to Lord Rothschild in 1936.

A few elements of the Aérolithe had been deemed less than optimum, so there are a number of differences between the prototype and the 4 production versions. Roofline is a little higher to accommodate taller drivers, the radiator design is different and a few extra lights and some trafficators were added to comply with local laws.

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