1936_Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic no.2 'Voiture Noire'

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1936 Bugatti type 57SC Atlantic 'Voiture Noire'

The second production Atlantic was chassis no. 57453 and was built for Jean Bugatti himself - his personal car. This version featured polished caps on the leading edge of the rear wheel arches and spats a slightly different side window arrangements. The car was finished in gloss black - hence its nickname.

The car appears to have been passed on/loaned/sold/given to Bugatti race driver Louis Chiron and subsequently on to William Grover-Williams - the winner of the 1929 (first ever) Monaco GP, driving a Bugatti 35B. He seems to have handed the car over to his wife who drove it frequently until about 1939, whereupon it promptly vanished. Somewhere in France. Probably.

Whatever the circumstances, the car (or any part of it) has never been found. It has been estimated that should it ever resurface, and be properly verified, it would probably be valued north of $100 million.

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