1937_Mercedes Benz W125

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1937 Mercedes Benz W125

After the Mercedes W25 grand prix car struggled against Auto Union in 1936, the new chief designer at Mercedes Benz, Rudolf Uhlenhaut went back to the drawing board for the 1937 season.

The W125 featured a much stiffer chassis, improved suspension and a monster, supercharged, 5.7 litre, front mounted, straight-8 engine delivering between 560 and 640 bhp at 5800 rpm in race trim. This all added up to race top speeds around 190 mph (over 300 kph)

The W125s only raced for a single year – the rules changing for 1938, but in that year they entered 12 races, with 6 wins, 6 pole positions and 6 fastest laps. This secured the 1937 European Drivers Championship for Rudolf Caracciola.

The car shown is Caracciola's 1937 German Grand Prix winner.

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