1951_Ferrari 375 F1

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1951 Ferrari 375 F1

Beginning with the tiny supercharged 125 F1 in 1950, the V12 engine was gradually enlarged to the naturally aspirated 275 F1 and then 340 F1 throughout the year – culminating in the full 4.5 litres of the 375 F1. The 375 engine developed 335 bhp. This car finished second at Monza in 1950, driven by Alberto Ascari (and Dorino Serafini).

Ferrari’s first Formula 1 victory had to wait until Siverstone in July 1951 when Argentinian driver José Froilán Gonzáles muscled the heavy car home to beat Alfa Romeo for the first time.

Ascari also won at the Nürburgring an Monza driving the 375. Ferrari had arrived.

The car illustrated is the 1951 British Grand Prix winner.

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