1967_Lotus 49

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1967 Lotus 49

With the ending of the 1.5 litre formula, the FIA stipulated Formula 1 engines should be 3 litres from 1967 onwards. Lotus's engine partner Coventry Climax were not prepared to invest the considerable sums required to develop a new Grand Prix engine, so a deal was struck between ex-Lotus employees Cosworth Engineering, with money and other resources supplied by Ford.

Thus the DFV was born, destined to win first time out in the Lotus 49, but would go on to claim a total of 155 wins from 262 races between 1967 and 1985. The most successful engine in F1 or even Grand Prix history.

Designed in collaboration with Lotus, the DFV was a stressed member of the car, bolted straight onto the rear of the tub. The gearbox, differential and rear suspension mounted straight onto it. This innovation became instantly the format for all F1 cars which followed it. A true game-changer.

The car shown here is the 1967 Dutch Grand Prix winner, piloted to a debut victory by Jim Clark.

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