1972_Lotus 72D

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1972 Lotus 72D

The Lotus 72 represented another major step forward in Formula One car evolution, and certainly influenced the design of F1 cars which followed it.

First designed and introduced in 1970, the car broke new ground in a number of significant areas. First - it was designed from the ground up as an aerodynamic concept, rather than a pure engineering solution. To achieve this, the car was a wide, low wedge shape which made maximum use of the airflow over the nose and rear wings. The radiators therefore were moved from the nose to much further back - in side pods. The brakes were relocated inboard front and rear and this allowed the use of longitudinal torsion bar suspension with traditional shock absorbers and anti-squat, anti-dive characteristics.

Side mounted radiators, aerodynamics and torsion bars are still the norm in F1 cars today - albeit the torsion bars are mounted horizontally, not longitudinally.

The 72 won the drivers World Championship in 1970 (F1's only posthumous World Champion - Jochen Rindt) as well as the Constructors. Then 1972, Emerson Fittipaldi, driving the revamped 72D became the youngest ever World Champion with Lotus winning the constructors again.

The car shown is the 1972 Italian GP winner - driven by Fittipaldi

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