1906_Renault AK 90

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1906 Renault AK 90

The winner of the first Grand Prix in 1906. This event earns its place in the story by virtue of being the first official, international race which bore the title of ‘Grand Prix, - the Grand Prix de l’ACF.

The race was held over a closed circuit comprised of public roads, some 103 km or 65 miles in length – situated just to the east of Le Mans in France. The competitors raced for 6 laps each day – for two days - with the winner covering a total of 1238.16 km (796.36 miles).

The race was won by a Hungarian born French domiciled Ferenc Szisz, driving a Renault AK90 Grand Prix alongside his riding mechanic and friend M. Marteau, at an average speed of 101.195 km/h (60.88 mph).

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